• Len Shneyder

    Kickstarter Success & Failures Revealed

  • Bill Gordon

    #Kickstarter project fail rate is 41% For $215 million of funding. #crowdfunding #startup #entrepreneur

  • Wonderful World

    The website provides to entrepreneurs a place where they can test if there is a market for their new product.  If members of the community (the backers) won’t invest a few dollars to help a product reach shelves, they probably won’t purchase the product if and when it does appear in stores. But more than that kickstarter is become today a real alternative to the bank or the VC, for example peeble a connected watch was funded with 10 millions dollars and yet no VC wanted invest in their project.

  • Paresh Parmar

    Kickstarter Infographic - About 41% of Kickstarter Projects Fail

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