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i hated these things...glad i never had one

Mom wanted a Furbie so bad. Every time we passed by the neighborhood dog and saw his Furbie, Mom's heart would melt. I hunted down not one but two Furbies for her for Christmas.

.Supermarket Sweep - just one of the coolest game shows ever! I wanted to be on this and Shop Till You Drop soooooo bad

Super Market Sweep, another great game show that I wanted to be on!

Just some 90s things

"My Childhood Memories as a kid!" Ah memories! I totally forgot it was called limited too

lol i soo had one of these from limited too

Ridiculous (and Nostalgic! The popcorn shirt. and I thought I'd buried that memory! Thought it was the cleverest thing at the time.

Cabbage patch doll! 80's craze.Stood in line at midnight to get this doll! Merry Christmas Ashley : )

Getting a new Cabbage Patch Kid, hanging her birth certificate on the wall, and carrying her around with you everywhere. My cabbage patch kid name was Jennifer Lynette!

Scholastic book fair - Admit it, you got excited when those shelves came to the library.

Scholastic book fair…

Funny pictures about Scholastic book fair. Oh, and cool pics about Scholastic book fair. Also, Scholastic book fair.

Bug in a nut shell

50 Things You Will Never Be Able Forget. I loved this thing.

"225 Reasons Why Being a '90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off." oh hey this slideshow sums up my childhood pretty well. i would have added magic tea party and mario kart to this.

240 Reasons Why Being a Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off. from stirrup pants to butterfly clips, puppy surprise to cabage patch kids, magic eye books to roll on body glitter, spice girls to backstreet boys, there is nothing I disliked about growing up in the