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  • Melany Martin-Ink

    These underwater dog pics are funny

  • Seth Weissman

    A friend of me and my cousin is getting a lot of attention for his amazing underwater dog photography. Look up Seth Casteel and friend him. He deserves the credit. Truly original stuff!

  • Angela Fickess

    Underwater Dogs By Seth Casteel (Picture Gallery)

  • Keika Jones

    Hilarious Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel - Animal Stories

  • Camille Lewis

    Belly flop. #sethcasteel

  • DeAnna Denis

    The amazing underwater photography of Seth Casteel!

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Miles NEEDS to become a fierce dinosaur. Thanks Bekka Palmer for sending this my way!

That is one dedicated golden retriever! [This is so funny - and now I'm not so shocked with the habit that our black lab has of carrying three things at a time! I suppose it's the 'retriever' instinct, to carry all they can ;) LOL! Mo]

This is my dog's blood relative, I swear.

Dogs under water.Ball… ball… ball!!! The amazing underwater photography of Seth Castell @KasiDee Cox it's Pete! Hahahah

He Really Wants His Ball. ••••(KO) Cute pup! Single minded determination and a sweet face. He owns his family, that's as it should be.

"13 Simple Steps To Get You Through A Rough Day" is silly but this really did dissolve my grrrrrr last night...

I wish I could get a picture of my min pins doing this...

Follow the jump for tons of great "dogs in water" photos. Love em.