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Fractal iteration - This fixed, binary fractal tree animation shows the whole tree, through 10 levels of branching. All pictures are the same absolute size, to illustrate the relative size of each of the trees.


The Real Size Of Pluto

Para que os hagáis una idea del tamaño de Plutón, aquí lo tienes comparado con Australia.

Part of a trailer for a documentary on swedish national radio about the new casinos, circumventing the laws to make billions from Malta.

Client: Twitter Creative Creative Director: Andre Ricciardi Executive Producer: Mat Lundberg Head of Video: Alexa Inkeles Directed by: Oddfellows Creative Director: Chris Kelly Producer: TJ Kearney Design: Jay Quercia, Yuki Yamada Animation: Jordan Scott, Josh Parker, Kavan Magsoodi, Nata Metlukh, Stan Cameron Music: Friendship Park Sound: Ambrose Yu