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The book "Duct Tape Teambuilding Games" by Tom Heck contains complete lead-it-yourself instructions for this game and 49 other duct tape teambuilding games. Free teambuilding games and other teamwork resources at the International Association of Teamwork Facilitators

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Pipe Cleaner Challenge

Teambuilding: Tinfoil and Pipe Cleaner Challenge that your kids will love!

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LOVE this game idea for a classroom or small group lesson in listening, concentrating, and following directions! All that you need are sturdy paper plates something to draw with. Easily adaptable too.

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Mike Abrahamson on

Teamwork activity!

Air Lock teambuilding game. This would be a great game to play with kids to practice leadership skills. You could have the students take turns being the one in charge and giving the group directions. Leadership is another vital social 21st century skill. I would use this in any subject classroom.

[good idea for team building] Give kids a "Secret Service" mission. Tell them for 1 week, they have to do something for someone else without "blowing their cover." A fun, interactive way to get kids serving others.

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Mini-marshmallow and toothpick building challenge for kids

Learn with Play at Home: Mini-marshmallow and toothpick building challenge for kids

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Team-building Activities for High School Students

Team-building activities for high school students #edchat #educhat #highered #highschool<< YES!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Tic-tac-toe! Sounds fun!


Human Knot Game

Human Knot Game. This community building game is designed for small children in classrooms, but would make a great team-building exercise as well, wouldn't it? #communityknowledge #communitybuilding

Neat idea for Family Math Night - or an activity for parents to do while waiting for appointment at Parent Teachers conferences!