Steere’s pitta

Steere's pitta - Azure-breasted Pitta (Pitta steerii) in the Philippines by Dubi Shapiro.

Fairy Wren

Splendid Fairy-wren (Malurus splendens), also known simply as the splendid wren or more colloquially in Western Australia as the blue wren.

Ivory-breasted Pitta

Ivory-breasted Pitta (Pitta maxima) is a species of bird in the family Pittidae. It is endemic to North Maluku in Indonesia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

Gouldian Finch native to Australia named after John Gould  ornithological artist  in 1844

The Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae), also known as the Lady Gouldian Finch, Gould's Finch or the Rainbow Finch, is a colourful passerine bird endemic to Australia. This is the adult male

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Blue Pitta - Pittas are a family, Pittidae, of passerine birds mainly found in tropical Asia and Australasia, although a couple of species live in Africa

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The silver-eared mesia (Leiothrix argentauris) is a species of bird from South East Asia.

The brilliant Malayan Banded Pitta (Hydrornis irena) is a species of bird in the Pittidae family. It is found in Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra. Photo taken at Khao Nor Chuchi in Southern Thailand by Roger Wyatt.