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Me when somebody discusses IT stuff


My friend and I were talking today, and she said, "If someone came up to me that looked like one of the Doctors and introduced himself as the Doctor and told me to come with him, I'd totally go. Perfect opportunity for kidnapping. No struggle." At that moment, I realized she was right, and it could be anyone. The Doctor, Sherlock John, Dean, Sam, Cas, Loki, the list is endless. <--- I was the friend. :D

I'm done! There are way too many pins about this one scene! It crushes my heart every freaking time!

Can confirm. <<< God speed, Issac. (introduced him to spn 3 weeks ago and he's now on season 5) God speed.

what Sam fails to realize here, is that "nobody get's hurt because of me" is impossible. IF HE DIES. DEAN WILL HURT. DEAN WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIMSELF, NEVER MOVE ON, NEVER GET OVER IT. He might even die. Cause there aint no Dean if there aint no Sam.<------pinning for this

Okay... the fact that someone noticed this and the fact it's there to begin with... Makes me happy.

"And--and when I look at you, and I...and I'm home. Please, I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget." two scenes that break my heart #dori #donnanoble #doctorwho

This hurt me more than it should have. So put of character but so cute.

Supernatural - sums it up perfectly haha you can almost hear Bobby saying "idjits" this is so hilarious I love this show

This is so my sister.... She can go into horror houses and watch the most gruesome movies... But today I made he take a picture with a (fake!) clown and I seriously thought she was going to cry

"Don't you dare think that there is anything past or present that I would put in front of you!"