• Emily Cameron

    Digamma Ignazio Gardella, 1957 Santa & Cole, Spain Born from a rebellion against the canons of the Modern Movement, Ignazio Gardella's Digamma Armchair design captures the joy of metamorphosis, as opposed to following strict rules of design. Digamma is an eclectic piece, fusing an industrial and artistic aesthetic. A rationalistic body, consisting of a highly geometric seat and backrest, fused with mechanical, yet artistic steel arms and legs. Digamma has a three position reclining b...

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Gunta Stolzl Bauhaus weaving

Maguerite Wildenhain

Walter Gropius, 1919

Bauhaus textile.

Bauhaus 1923

Bauhaus master Gunta Stölzl

contemporary art deco paperpointed LamaLi paper black on tan



Bauhaus Textile

bauhaus/hiroshi hara

Gunta Stolzl Design for fabric in Jacquard technique 1927 17.3x34.5 cm Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin

Franz Wildenhain

Glazed Treasures: Frans Wildenhain

Frans Wildenhain and other Bauhaus students, 1924


Vasily Kandinsky, In the Black Square, June 1923. Oil on canvas, 38 3/8 x 36 5/8 inches.

The stackable chair, first designed by josef albers

Oskar Schlemmer. Bauhaus Stairway. 1932. Oil on canvas. 63 7/8 x 45" (162.3 x 114.3 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Philip Johnson. © 2009 Estate of Oskar Schlemmer, Munich/Germany

Bauhaus course of study