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Voltaire Hector, 2007 Aristide preaching liberation before 1986.

Voltaire Hector, 2007 When Aristide won election in1990.

Voltaire Hector, 2007 Masacer at Saint Jean Bosco Nov 1988.

Voltaire Hector, 2005 "The blue-helmets (U.N. Security Forces) seize the headquarters of the old army in Ti Goave." The "old army" refers to members of the Haitian Army exiled by President Aristide, who infiltrated Haiti in 2004 and led the coup which overthrew him.

Voltaire Hector, 2005 Burning the market "Tet Boeuf" an anti government demostration May 31, 2005.

Voltaire Hector, 2005 Declaration of Jean Bertrand Aristide in South Africa April 9, 2005: "The international community is conducting holocaust on my supporters! Free my people! My people demand my return!"