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Outdoor waterbed

I SPY Redneck Waterbed outdoor-play

Re-visiting the outdoor waterbed created by PLAY AT HOME MOM

Re-visiting the outdoor waterbed created by PLAY AT HOME MOM

Indiana Resource Center for Autism Summer Camp Listings

5 Outdoor Activities Children of Different Ages Can Share ~ Beanbag Toss, Water Play, Hopscotch, Sand Play, “Nature Spotter” Game

What to do on Rainy Days

What to do on Rainy Days

What to do on Rainy Days. in the rain! Yes, allow your kids to play in the rain! (for lightning-free rain) links to a list of projects and play ideas pulled from all over the Net.

Giant Outdoor Waterbed - summer fun

Play at Home Mom's outdoor waterbed idea - add blue food coloring and maybe some little fish (toys) or something just for fun.

Looks so fun!!    http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-8PbpO1FyLcE/T8dJST-AN5I/AAAAAAAAJdw/TpKLjwvSIIc/s1600/Picture+099.jpg

Playground Water Wall/ Ball Run

With spring right around the corner, it's time to prepare for the rain! Turn the gray clouds into a sensory experience by putting on those rain jackets and venturing outside. Warning: You may get splashed! www.tlji.com

Play in the Rain

Play in the Rain.I do this all the time with my kids .puddle stomping is fun

DIY Water Table - I never thought of buying one before, and now that he's almost 4 I can't justify paying good money for him to use it just one summer (at 5 he may think it's babyish.)  But this would make sense if I can get someone to help...and keep it under $20 or so...  :)

DIY Kids' Water Table by inspirationthief: Made for about 11 dollars with scrap wood and a plastic cement mixing tub from Home Depot. Wonderful with water outdoors or sand or rice indoors!

***Full Instructions- Below keep Reading!!!***   We made a Kid Wash for the kids to enjoy all summer long. We also thought it would be perfect for Mikey’s Super MESSY Birthday party. We need a way for the kids to get clean after going down the Shaving cream slide and across the shaving cream tarp, …

This is an awesome DIY project for the summer - older kids can help build it and just about everyone will love taking a stroll through the "kid wash"!

Trampoline tent

Trampoline tent for summer sleepovers. I've always wanted a trampoline! But a trampoline tent? It would totally complete the sleepover!