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SAY ANYTHING trailer "You're not a guy. No, the world is full of guys. Be a man!"

Parenthood- just one of the most charming and funny movies ever made about parenthood, that's all- and STEVE MARTIN.

Movie Selected for the EIV Bible and Poem Page 1062.) “Crash” ( 2004 )…Awareness…Peace… Chapter. 14 the Book of Peace and the Virtue of Forgiveness Epigram Recipe Impetus Bible Movies Ch.1 thru Ch.20 (playlist)

It's funny that I like this movie ... Isabella Rossellini is rather stiff, Ted Danson has hair and Sean Young ... is so young. Still, it's a sweet story about the intricacies of families.

The book - A River Runs Through It and Other Stories by Norman McClean; The film - A River Runs Through It stars Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, and Tom Skerritt. Directed by Robert Redford.

Buzz, your girlfriend... Woof! I can watch this movie midsummer and still be entertained. Home Alone Trailer

LAST HOLIDAY - After she's diagnosed with a terminal illness, a shy woman decides to take a European vacation. Free of inhibitions and determined to live life to the fullest, Georgia checks into the Presidential Suite, buys a designer wardrobe in expensive boutiques, makes extensive use of the hotel's spa facilities, attempts snowboarding and base jumping off of a dam, enjoys succulent meals prepared by world-renowned chef, and wins a small fortune playing roulette in the casino.

Memoirs of a Geisha Based on the fictional novel by Arthur Golden. This film was nominated for and won numerous awards, including nominations for six Academy Awards, three of which – Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design – were won.

ENOUGH SAID Trailer (James Gandolfini - Julia Louis-Dreyfus ) September 2013

Top 10 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day. Here is "Ever After" Trailer.