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I finally found a great hatbox at an amazing boutique in Jamaica Plain, MA that does hats and more. A surprise around every corner and staff who know what they are doing. I got a great green striped driving cap as well. Go visit and you will be in heaven. Salmagundiboston.... Luka Scallywag Clara McCoy

I love hats to wear and if they can be decorative in the home too, well, that is just brilliant.

Antique Dunlap Sons Black Edwardian Beaver Fur Mens Top Hat w/Original Leather Case c.1900s

Ooh, hat boxes for winter hats and gloves. Makes great sense! Need to get those old hat boxes from moms basement!

Hatboxes...Makes me think of my mom. She has so many gorgeous hats, all in beautiful hatboxes.

hat boxes are fucking awesome. i love them. but i would not put anything in them because then every time i'm looking for a hat i gotta open every fuckin box to decide which one best suits my persona for the day. that would take a lot of time & if someone is waiting for me to finish getting ready they would get sorta pissed.

old luggage hot boxes--- I love these they are sturdier than the typical department store hat box so they can house heavier items. ♥