• angela rostro

    So True! Funny Family Ecard: I may look quiet and reserved, but if you mess with my kids, I will show you 7 different kinds of crazy.... True Story....

  • Shanna Burkholder

    You don't mess with mama bear's cubs!!!!

  • Melissa Rose

    True story bro. When i have kids ain't nobody gonna mess with my baby or i'll go crazy white girl on them.

  • Lena Limon

    Mom power! This includes my friends kids and my students!

  • Stephanie

    don't mess with my kids or my siblings ( I consider them my children as well)

  • Kayleen Bond

    Don't fuck with my baby bear or momma bear will have no other choice but to destroy your existance

  • Michelle Seyle

    Yeah, you don't mess with my kids or my husband.

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