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words cannot express how much I love this.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Drizzt Do'Urden. hells yes. The Forgotten Realms

Group Costume: You're doing it right.

TMNT Krang cosplay by TVsRobLowe

Reno and Rude from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Cosplay by Usako and MAXX, respectively. Photography by Hama-Shinkai.

Lady Loki cosplay.

Fran-Final Fantasy XII

Wakka cosplay. FFX

Red Riding Hood? Steampunk

i just died laughing


The Padawan's Guide_jedi robe


yip yip

This will be my child.

amazing cosplay of Skeksil, the Chamberlain. by ~Xaerael

Costume built around a wheelchair

Awesome cosplay


Epic Dexter & Dee Dee Cosplay

Van Gogh; how clever!

Mary Poppins and Bert costumes!