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Maybe we should switch from Sunday afternoons to Friday nights and BYOB? @Andrea? @Nan? @Kandy? @Jenny? Admittedly, I think in the last couple weeks I *have* read more wine labels than chapters in our book. Eep!

My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels Tote Bag | - bought for Katrina for Mother's Day!!

@ashleigh stone "My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels." Totebag by The Joy of Ex Foundation

Look what I found on Charlie Romeo... My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels Tote Bag

My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels...... This is so true of my book club!

My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels Tote Bag by joy of ex foundation

"My book club only reads wine labels" hehe - Book (Wine) Club Bag

Totally covet this totebag! "My Book Club Only Reads Wine Labels"

my bookclub only reads wine labels

Buy gifts online from Hard to Find gifts Australia. Hard to Find homewares online & gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for kids, unique gift ideas & presents

it's ladies night

ladies night @Verna Garton Rombough-Harland Camille #noregrets #spanight #ladiesnight 3slumberparty

#keepcalm #keepcalm #itsladiesnight #lady #night #ladiesnight

Ladies night out

Joy's Hope: Favorite Things Party - love this for a girl's night to find the time...

Joy's Hope: Favorite Things Party great idea for neighborhood friends during Christmas

Joy's Hope: Favorite Things Party. I've been dying to do one of these! I can't wait.

Favorite Things Party. Fun party idea. Girls' night in on my must do list!

Joy's Hope: Favorite Things Party - WHAT A GREAT PARTY IDEA!!!

Joy's Hope: Favorite Things Party Really really must do this!!

Favorite Things Exchange Party - such a fun idea!

Let's do it. I already have gift ideas.

Fun idea: Favorite Things Party

Living Locurtofrom Living Locurto

Girls Night Free Party Printables

Ladies Night Out

Girls Night Free Party Printables by Amy at These would be great for all you Passion Party Divas! Enjoy, this lady is awesome & has so many fabulous ideas and FREE printables.

Girls Night Free Party Printables by Amy at #Party Accessories #Party Goods #Party Stuffs|

Girls Night Free Party Printables | Living Locurto - Free Party Printables, Crafts & Recipes

Girls Night Free Party Printables by Amy at |

girl's night party @Living Locurto

girl's night - black and green

Girl's night printables.

Invites Printable Shabby Chic Vintage Birthday by pickledoodledesigns, $16.00 Girls Night Free Party Printables by Amy at Treat Bag Party Favors

ladies night!

Glitter wine glasses (Use Martha Stewart glitter paint) Great gift ideas for a small wedding.

glitter bottomed glass - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

What a cute idea...great gift idea too. Glitter Bottomed Glasses.

Glitter Wine Glasses. Shiny and useful. cute party/craft idea

Glitter wine glasses. This is a great wedding idea.

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses- GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Glitter glasses cute gift idea


DIY & Crafts - glitter bottomed glass - it's all about the wineglass

ladies night out

HAHAHAHA... too funny! The "LADIES NIGHT OUT" Handpainted Wine Glass - This Ladies Night Out Wine Glass is perfect for those special women in your life!

Fun Handpainted wineglass Girls night out. by themegancollection, $20.00

LADIES NIGHT OUT Handpainted Wine Glass

girls night out

Ladies Night Patio need to do this! Who wants to come?

Summer entertaining! Jenny Steffens Hobick: Lemon Basil Grilled Shrimp Skewers | Grilled Summer Appetizer

Jenny Steffens Hobick: White Peach Sangria | Summer Cocktail Recipes

Jenny Steffens Hobick: Creamy Crab Rangoon Dip with Vegetables

Creamy Crab Rangoon Dip with Vegetables

grilled appetizers

White Peach Sangria | Summer Cocktail Recipes

Lemon Basil Grilled Shrimp Skewers | Grilled Summer Appetizer

Why are these all true?

These are all so true!!! My life is summed up by # 25. And those that know me are shaking their heads and laughing about it.

so funny...I've read this before, but still laugh when I read it!! So many of them I agree with 100%

I agree with all of this and number 29 is what made me laugh out loud...not sure why I found it so funny!

Truths for Mature Humans. I definitely agree with most of them! I can't breath now for laughing. Read it even if you have to find it.

Truth for Mature Humans. Guess I'm mature, 'cuz this totally made me laugh and think "so true"

So true - and so funny! Laughed and agreed with everyone of them. Too good.

laughs and giggles. so true.

#Truth for Mature Humans Fun,Funnies,funny,Funny stuff,Laugh,laughter is the best medicine,Things for My Wall,

Happy Weekend!!! I was on Pinterest to look for some pretty pictures to share with you guys, but I saw two things that made me laugh out loud... literally! And it was the kind of hilarious where I would stop laughing, then remember how funny it was, and start laughing all over again. ;) Hahahahahahaha, oh Moms... My favorites? #1 -- Hahahaha, I always delete my computer history... to cover up my being a Facebook stalker. Just kidding... okay, not really. But come on, who doesn't stalk people on Facebook? ;P #2 -- Totally! #3 -- I live for naps, haha. #5 -- I hate folding fitted sheets! #7 -- Seriously, I don't need to be told to drive out of my street. #12 -- So true! And I haven't even started my blu-ray collection, haha! #16 -- Not gonna lie, I totally agree. #17 -- Haha, who doesn't? #18 -- Yeah, that will make it easier to see where the ice cream is at night. #21 -- Very, very true. I had no idea what Pocahontas was really about as a kid, all I know was my sisters and I had to sing along to Just Around the Riverbend and Colors of the Wind. ;) #22 -- Guilty. #25 -- Haha, what? ;P #29 -- That's why I don't like to lean my chair backwards. Which of these made you laugh the most? :D ------------------------------------- P.S. My Stages of Beauty giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm PST. Thanks and good luck to everyone who entered! To enter, please click the link. :) Here are links to my previous posts: Halloween Dress-Up: Easy Costume Ideas Wedding Wednesday: Black Wedding Dresses Style Watch: Open-Toe Booties Review: MuLondon Natural Organic Skincare :D I wish all of you a fantastic weekend! Twitter? WhatMimiWrites :)

Etsyfrom Etsy

Rental Sweet Rental - 11x17 Illustration Print

yep. haha

Instead of 'Home Sweet #Home,' why not have a 'Rental Sweet #Rental' #art piece? Very clever.

rental sweet this, it speaks the words of truth in my life momentarily!

Rental sweet rental - sometimes you just have to make the most of where you are at!

rental sweet rental- ha @Nathan Mallonee |

rental sweet rental vs. home sweet home | haha! This will have to do... for now!

I love this take on "Home sweet Home" I totally need this. :) military life!!

Rental sweet rental. I like this but maybe in a different print and font

For the apartment-living. funny!

so true : /


This makes me laugh because I am NOT guilty of this but I know half the people on Pinterest are. I can tell when I see a friend's pin and their caption has nothing to do with them. Come on people! Incorrect usage of social media is the 8th deadly sin. :-p Guilty as charged sayeth Marion

OR - I accidently pin it to the board I pinned the last message to & it be WAY OFF! WHEW! Like a quote about life to "Walls" ! Huh? Yep.... :-)

Ha! All the time. By the way I did remember to change this one. ;)

more like all the time except for right now... thank you ecard

All. The. Time. But I always correct grammar issues!! :)

I thought I was the only one. Giggle

haha! so true do it all the time




Happy Birthday Edith Head - so classic (designer - think Audry Hepburn) #happybirthday #edithhead

Wise words from the fabulously talented Edith Head. #wordsofwisdom #edithhead #inspiration

Edith Head. She was a fabulous fashion designer .... and this is so true!

Edith Head - so classic (designer - think Audry Hepburn)...stay classy

So true! Stay classy ladies not trashy!

Be a lady. I love Edith Head!

Good Advice by Edith Head

Well Said Edith Head

a quote from Edith Head, the most famous Old Hollywood Costume designer. Just sayin',L I F E,quotes & funnies :),Quotes :),True,TRUTH!!,Words,

In case you are looking for some books to read over the summer - here is a list of 32 popular book club books!

32 Popular Book Club Novels | The Meta Picture: Summer reading ideas. Read more about this books here: #book #bookclub #recommendations #reading #list

Popular book club novels. Did you know you can check a set of book club books from the library?

Top 32 Fiction Books for Book Clubs #books #lists #adults #bookclub

for when I have time to read...List of 32 popular book club books!

Popular books for book club. #books #reading #booklist #to read

32 Popular Book Club Novels #books #novels #bookclub

#booklist Popular Book Club Novels...

#books #book club #Reading List

A Natural Nester: Ladies' Night In - DIY Spa Night

Last month I turned 38 years young. To celebrate, my mama tribe came over for a ladies' night in, complete with homemade spa treatments, sushi delivery, and bubbly cocktails. My gals know how to do it up right... Everyone brought something to share for a little DIY pampering. I had a local massage therapist-in-training come give us mini neck & shoulder rubs, and I set up a (not at all fancy) foot soak with homemade rosemary-mint bath salts. Other contributions included natural pumice stones for all, homemade ylang ylang oil (made from the blossoms off her own tree!), and lots of polish. We nibbled on homemade appetizers including five-spice popcorn and roasted figs with goat cheese & balsamic vinegar. And for dinner we ordered sushi and Thai for delivery... this is living, my friends! The cocktail of the night was a St. Germain, made with champagne, elderflower liqueur and club soda. And I'm pretty sure I spied some tequila shots going down in the kitchen... of course, that was before I saw a haircut going on in my daughters' bathroom, and before we nearly burned down my kitchen, and before the pool beckoned in the moonlight... But that's a whole other part of the story, reserved for off the blog! The point - have a girls night in! Order some food, sip something yummy, pamper each other, and just for safety's sake, know where your fire extinguisher is.

Ladies' Night In

@Michelle Daniel and @Tara Bass - Geronimo!

Art Print - Time to drink Champagne and dance on the table. Would be super cute for in the dining room

time to drink champagne and dance on the table, my life story

new years eve - time to drink champagne and dance on the table

drink champagne print...aggg want this for my dining room!

Happy New Year! #newyear #2014 #champagne #fun


Wedding Ideas


Do you want your New Years Eve party to be amazing and memorable? Here you have a few New Years Eve party ideas to make your night unforgettable.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Bill murray print

Yup... It's happen

The best memories! My sister & I played this as kids. Much more fun & active than video games. #memories.

Our kids used to put pillows on the floor, jump from pillow to pillow to avoid the lava Carpet) They would play "hot lava" for hours!

this is so true...I remember doing this as kid but between the beds in my sister's and my room.

Everyone played this as a kid. This is so true. --as a kid? try 'in my 20s'.

Hahaha my sister brother and I played hot lava all the time. (: miss those day..

Totally! I even carried it on from my childhood to playing it with my kids! :)

Funny Stuff...I used to do this as a kid ALL the time!

So true!! #Childhood memories #Bill Murray #quote

I was searching this week for an activity to share with y'all that went along with our "L" unit. I couldn't find anything, couldn't find anything, kept searching... and still couldn't really find what I was looking for. I was a little disappointed, and tired of searching all of my favorite Preschool blogs, so I wandered over to Pinterest... I am an admitted Pinterest Addict... it is a new-found obsession of mine (I've only been on Pinterest for less than a month) but it is seriously the best thing ever. And, I get a lot of my ideas from the homepage. (It is an invite only site, so if you need an invite - let me know in the Comments section). Well, while I was browsing I stumbled across this:   It made me laugh, because it brought me back to my childhood. We totally played "Hot-Lava" as kids. We would tear off the couch cushions, throw them on the floor, jump from cushion to cushion and if you accidently touched the carpet, the Hot Lava Monster would get you!! Then you had to take your turn as the Hot Lava Monster.  Then, when my Dad would get home we would sometimes turn off all the lights, hide in the dark hallway, and when we heard him coming we would run out to the living room and try to pass him before he would throw a pillow (from the couch) at us!  Those were great times and some of my fondest memories. Then it hit me.  I don't always have to come up with some elaborate indoor activity for my Kidamerinks. Some of the best activities are the ones that require a little imagination with the most mundane objects, i.e. Your Couch! Hence, the Hot Lava Game! Which is actually quite appropriate for "L" week. So after Dinner tonight, I taught Adam about Lava and then we played and played and played. It was really fun to see him in his imaginative state, and for me to get down and play with him and encourage him to use his imagination. We jumped from Cushion to Cushion, avoiding the Lava as best as we could for about an hour!! This little Kidamerink got into it as well. She was our Hot Lava Monster. Whenever we would fall on the floor, she would scoot over to us and "get" us! It was fun.  Go and use your imagination this week. Play Hot Lava, or make up your own "game" with ordinary objects. Revert back to the Old School days where Hide-n-Seek was the best game ever. Or when Hopscotch was your entertainment for hours. See what you can come up with this week for your "Activity."

So true..

Everyone is posting pictures of their kids and I am like oh hey, look at my Dachshund!

Dachshund Quotes Sayings | If only I has a dachshund.... Then this would be TRUE!!

I love posting pictures of my boy!

dachshund quotes - Google Search

Or their baby bellies...

Dachshund Pictures

Dachshund quote

The Funny Beaverfrom The Funny Beaver

Funny Pictures Friday

Funny Pictures Friday =o]

Funny stuff from the house of funny Click on the picture to see hundreds more!

I normally don't go for the vulgar pics but I laughed so much when I saw this!

Just a little grape peeing in a glass. And that's nature. Nuture. Wine.

next time I drink wine I'll be picturing a grape peeing in my glass!

I know I haven't pinned this before but laugh when I come across it.

How To Make Wine - Why I don't drink white wine

How wine is made. snort laughing...

This just makes me giggle!

Daily Funny Pictures - 40 Pictures - July 27, 2014

The Blond Cookfrom The Blond Cook

Lemon Candy Cocktail

Lemon Candy Cocktail...Found what I'm making for Ladies Night!! Was a big hit and made it again 2 days later.

Lemon Candy Cocktail (lemonade concentrate,pinnacle cotton candy,club soda,leinenkugel summer shandy beer)

Lemon Candy Cocktail...Found what I'm making for Ladies Night!!

Lemon Candy Cocktail ~ sounds like a fab girls' night bev!!

Lemon Candy Cocktail...Looks like a fun summer cocktail!

Lemon Candy sister loves this beer!

Lemon Candy for hot pool days!

Alcoholic lemonade, yum!

Adult drink

Etsyfrom Etsy

Tree Branch Necklace - "Out on a Limb" in sterling silver


Every. Single. Night. I want to sleep but my brain won't stop talking to itself. #whoIam

Every single night. It just doesn't shut up. :-)

I can't sleep..... story of my life!

Some funny stuff :) Light the mood!

So so true... Story of my Life!

So true!!! Story of my life :p

  I love Pinterest but it keeps me up too late at night and keeps me from getting laundry done!   Here are some of my recent pins... Okay, so I know this isn't something that everyone would pin but I have a three year old princess who I know would love this idea!  Besides bathtub fun, I'm also thinking the kiddie pool in the backyard this summer!  I think the boys would like floating Spiderman around too! Crockpot Italian Chicken: 4 chicken breasts, 1 packet Zesty Italian dressing seasoning, 1 8 oz. cream cheese (softened), 2 cans cream of chicken soup; Cook on low for 4 hours. If sauce is too thick, add a little milk. Serve over pasta.     Yum, yum, yum!  I know my husband and children would love this.  And a crockpot meal as easy as this is the perfect working mom meal and that's the part I will love! I LOVE this!  This green painted cabinet with the white lamp shades and white walls with that dramatic gold mirror is really striking.  This color green is gorgeous.  Makes me want to find some old furniture to repaint! Have you seen this?  Oh, my goodness!  I love it!  So precious.  I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to pull this off with my Oliver because he doesn't sleep so much anymore, but I have two good friends who should do this with their new babies!!  (Tracey & Lindsey - I'm talking to you!) This is totally me.  My brain never shuts up. I'm doing this with some of my students next week!  I showed it to my 4th graders and they got all excited and begged to do it!  I was considering this activity for some of my younger students but figured if the 4th graders got all excited about it, well then, we should do it! Well, this would totally spruce up my workspace!  Super cute and colorful.        Love this idea for the hanging streamers.  I like how the circles are large and get smaller as they go down.  The color scheme here is so elegant. Speaking of elegant... I really want to be invited to this party! What have you been pinning lately?  I'd love to hear!  Click on my Follow Me on Pinterest Button on the right side of the blog.  I'll follow you back and we can avoid housework together! Happy Pinning!