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Paleontologist Altangerel Perle, with the Museum of NH in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, stands between the forearms of Deinocheirus.- DEINOCHEIRUS, déterré au S de la Mongolie, est un squelette du Crétacé supérieur (70 Ma). Les bras font dans les 2,4 m chacun et chaque griffe fait environ 25 cm de long.

Carcharodontosaurus sanagasta by Jorge Antonio Gonzalez, Gonzalezaurus on deviantART

These fossils found in northeastern China show the diversity and small sizes of some of the feathered dinosaurs. Many avian traits evolved in dinosaurs long before birds themselves appeared. Photograph by Robert Clark, Fossils from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Beijing; Shandong

The Cretaceous (Cenomanian) continental record of the Laje do Coringa flagstone (Alcântara Formation), Brazil, northeastern South America [2014] Highlights: • A summary of the Cretaceous flora and fauna of Alcântara Formation, Brazil. • Evidence of the existence of a trans-oceanic Gondwanan fauna until the Cenomanian. • Forested areas surrounded by dry environment in Brazilian northeastern coast. Abstract: The fossil taxa of the Cenomanian continental flora and fauna of São Luís Basin are ...

The near-complete skeleton of a baby Chasmosaurus, a relative of the Triceratops, found in Alberta’s badlands [Credit: University of Alberta] The internationally renowned University of Alberta paleontologist unearthed a remarkably preserved, near-complete skeleton of a baby Chasmosaurus belli. It’s the first time anyone has found a baby of this species intact in 150 years of digs at Dinosaur Provincial Park—or anywhere for that matter. That makes Currie one proud papa.

Postcard of Iguanodon at museum in Brussels, c.1920s.


Dinosaurs come in all sizes and forms.

Infographic: Dinosaur profile of the plant-eating dinosaur Apatosaurus.

Infographic: Dinosaur profile of the giant carnivorous dinosaur Giganotosaurus.

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Not Dinosaurs But....

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Coahuila Dinosaurs, Mexico Desconocido Magazine. Diorama detail, Saltillomimus, Velafrons and Lathirhinus. Art by Román García Mora.

Daren Horley Allosaurus Carnivore. Best fantasy art | #Illustration #Editorial #Design @deFharo

The biggest dinosaurs ever dis-covered, Quo Magazine 11/2014, detail of the dinosaurs. Art by Román García Mora

North American Tyrannosaurs by PaleoGuy on DeviantArt



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Petrified Dinosaur Bone

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