Sacred Geometry

This sacred symbol, known as the Flower of Life, is said to contain the blueprint of the universe.

Roxana Illuminated Perfume: Honey Bee Art

Pretty Honey Bee letterpress stationery by Meticulous Ink buzzzzzzzzzzz

Botanical art mixed with anatomical drawings are interesting and a total fit with this "artifact" style.

Sacred Geometry

Mermaid Vintage Merwoman Merfolk Siren Water by phraseandfable, $0.99

{ summertime cottage }

geometry of Fibonacci

Lollia by Margot Elena creates gorgeous packaging and products | I want to take a bubble bath now!

sacred geometry tattoos

vintage honey bee illustration - Google Search

sacred geometry

Interesting Insect studies ‘The Panoply Plates’ by Hannes Hummel

Penabranca / Sacred Geometry <3

Sacred Geometry Crescent Moon Moth tattoo by Amber Jane


Sacred Geometry Poster by AWAK3N

Sacred geometry