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Top 15 Creative Wedding Ring Photographs

During your wedding day the photographer has many objectives & different aspects of the day they want to capture. When it comes down to photographing the wedding rings they really have a to chance to get creative with the shot! We often see gorgeous ring photography when scanning through Pinterest a...
  • Christine Nelson

    WEDDING PHOTO IDEAS: Pinky swear showing off the wedding rings ... when we pinky promise we also kiss the other persons thumb

  • Brianna Ross

    Wedding Picture Ideas - Must Have Wedding Photos | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

  • Kaylee Bradsby

    What at cute new way to get that "ring shot"? Pinky swear showing off the wedding rings

  • Kaela Andriot

    Pinky swear showing off the wedding rings- cute idea. Always been a huge pinky promise person!

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Beautiful! Love that it creates a heart in the fold of the book!

Pinkie promise showing off the wedding rings

Dorky, but cute. I would absolutely put something like this on my wall.. (Of me and Eric of course) :)

I must have the pinky promise engagement photo. love it

If the money wasnt an issue, this would be a perfect engagement ring. Its classic and simple. Just beautiful.

Wedding photography - pinky promise, Mount Timpanogos temple - LDS temple

Engagement picture: pinky promise. Such a cute way to get a picture of the ring.

I would totally do this if I could get over my fear of being burnt by sparklers- Not sure why they scare me so much but this has to be one of the cutest "just married" pictures I have seen. Love

Promise. Engagement & wedding ring :) 1 down two more to go ☺️