Only, any true friends fan knows good and well phoebe would have NEVER had a twitter, Facebook or genealogy online account... But seriously.... I'n UCK in a u.u.un estiule... iiii iiillll oooooootoooherrrrrrr

25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About “Friends”

BEST. SHOW. EVER. 25 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About "Friends".

I mean that is friendship. | 27 Rare Photos Of The Cast Of "Friends" Will Make You Wish It Was 1994 All Over Again

It's been 10 years since the show ended, but they still make us laugh to this day.

Only in Friends!

Interesting facts for 'Friends' fans...


Friends TV show, 25 things you didn't know about the sets on Friends.


10 years of Friends.Yes, not that long ago, but such good memories...

Why this might be the greatest set of yearbook photos in history. | 31 Things Only "Friends" Fans Will Appreciate

Friends final episode *sniffle*--still a hard one to watch....especially because Jennifer Aniston can't stop crying

Friends :)

Love this.


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Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother How have I not realized this yet? Two of my favorite shows, I can't tell if they are ruined for me or better.