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Step-by-step: Build a soothing fountain

DIY Water Fountain by : Built for under two hundred dollars with two glazed pots (a shallow bowl nests snugly inside the larger pot), a bucket, and a small recirculating pump.

Lighting for backyard  Would love a photo of what this looks like at night.

Rusted metal corten steel post posts for driveway entry exterior Under day light, the rusty color is a eye catcher in the green garden, when it is dark, light up those laterns,those flowers and birds carving create beautiful shadow like haiku.

DIY Leafbath

DIY Leafbath

This DIY leaf bird bath project will create a one-of-kind watering place for the birds in your backyard, and working with cement is easier than you think!

Escher Outdoor Fountain Features: - Material: Stone - Design: Urn - Manufacture: A&B Homes Escher Outdoor Fountain Details - Fountain Design: Sculptural - Fountain Location: Outdoor/Garden Escher Outd

Escher Outdoor Fountain

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30 Low-Budget Makeovers You Could Do With Spray Paint

I am getting some spray paint and giving my old pots a new lease on life. DIY: How to Paint Terra Cotta Pots and Planters to Increase Curb Appeal - CasaCullen

Blue Planters Waterfall  -

15 Backyard Fountains You Can Make Yourself

This is SO COOL! Homemade fire log. Amazing Fall Family Night!

Fire log: - A log from the yard - A chainsaw - lighter fluid - matches or a torch First up, using the chainsaw cut the log like a pizza. Cut it about to the way through the log. Next up pour some lighter fluid down in the center and light her up!

newly built fountain DIY How to Make a Garden Fountain, using a kiddie pool as opposed to an expensive basin

newly built fountain DIY How to Make a Garden Fountain, using a kiddie pool as opposed to an expensive basin. Don't want the giant pot for a fountain. I would just have the pool itself be the fountain.

what a great idea for a simple water feature

watering can fountain: even if you don't have a pump, it would be a fun activity for kids on a hot day. Use any watering can or even containers with holes punched (i. milk cartons, tin cans, pop bottles, etc.

Wish I made these when the kids were little :(  Nikki good chance to start now with Remi.

Do gorgeous fairy garden--Stepping stones with children's hands or foot prints is a nice way of allowing your kids to feel involved and leave their own mark on your garden as well as providing a small snapshot in time for you to remember and enjoy.