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My husband and I thought we were trendsetters because we chose a red telephone.

Rest in peace grandma..her mom painted the phone pink over and over each time the landlord painted it back white! I miss her and her stories. ♥

pink phone box....ok so it's not really "dream home" stuff...but I would totally want one of these in my living room...with the phone in it. because i am weird like that.

Turquoise rotary phone - ours were avocado, and black. Drew just saw one of these for the first time in an antiques store this weekend, and he was so confused as to how to "dial" it!

old sony radio I had one similar to this that my grandmother let me use to fall asleep to at night.

I still believe BARBIE lives in this Pink victorian home! It just keeps getting better with the beautiful pink roses

I want to make triple copies of everything I own, just so I can deck everything out in nonpareil colors.

Will my grandkids even know what this is? A rotary pay phone. Maybe not! but, that doesnt stop me from wanting one in my hall.