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Gotta love Walmart.

its true (not for me) I hate target its a bunch of people thinking they're better than you because they arent shopping at walmart. get over yourselves its target.

true. (except for the turlte part - turtles, maybe...you'd think people would use spell check before creating an e-card, but I digress) Either way - this is so me.

Get Busy or Go Away!

haha----sorry about the bad word but oh my gosh I can so relate to this. My brain will not shut up.

So true! Georgie Lee - Writing to the Sound of Legos Clacking: Mom Humor

Mom Humor

You know you're a mom when going shopping at Target by yourself feels like a vacation and going on a family vacation feels like work. Vacations with the kids are so fun, but a lot of work too!

All true!

The 11 Worst Things About Painting Your Nails

Just took off glitter polish.sooo true -_- glitter nail polish is the worst


Funny Confession Ecard: After exercising I always eat a pizza. just kidding. I don't exercise. You love pizza and BakerStone loves you.

Dearest BFF, If I die at Walmart, please drag my body to Nordstrom.

Dearest BFF, If I die at Walmart, please drag my body to Nordstrom.more like Neimans? or Chanel?

It seems to be impossible for me to get out of Target without spending $100--even when I go in for "just one thing".  :/

Whoever said money can't buy happiness has clearly never been to target.

lol no one wants to hear how much he/she does for you & how much you love them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Get a hobby.

haha oops lmbo i was so guilty.lol til he deleted fb.i seriously think maybe he blocked me;D bahahahahaha Thank God no one punched me in the face.

I talk when I have something to say, who needs an audience?

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.

That's why I don't go to Walmart even though things at target are more expensive my sanity is worth the price!

Why yes, Wal-Mart, I'd love to wait in line for 30 minutes behind a pajama-clad person who lacks deodorant and a bra. It's so nice of you to have 2 whole registers open.