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This is seriously hilarious

Jehovah’s witnesses don’t celebrate Halloween….I guess they don’t appreciate random people coming up to their doors.

Hahahaha.... Wonder what my mama woulda said if I woulda did this when I stayed at home... LOL

My mom said to me "guess whose doing the dishes tonight?I hit that Soulja Boy and said "YOUUUUUU!


Oh dear God, I beg you. Hahahaha Bless the makers of this movie. Ladies night out as soon as it's released!

pretty sure i have this. i cannot stand to hear people chew food, and chip bags and the like really set me off #addieup #brain #brainpower #braingame #brainfact

For People With Misophonia, a Chomp or a Slurp May Cause Rage

random fact: getting angry at people when we listen to them breathing or eating is called Misophonia, which is an actual brain disorder.

SO wrong its funny! That is so something Jason would say..lol!

Funny Confession Ecard: My girlfriend just caught me blow drying my penis and asked what was I doing. Apparently, heating your dinner was not the right answer.

Scratch "beard"; replace with "English accent" ;)

I saw you have a beard and tattoos. Excuse me, while I take my clothes off. Funny quote on men.

Ok, maybe everyone else already saw this hilarious resemblance, but if not, you're welcome.

Never Forget

Why boybands were better. "our boybands had awesome hairstyles, like Justin Timberlakes ramen noodle hair" ha