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Editing photos with Curves: BloggerPhotographer says: I don’t know about you, but if I could only use one tool in photoshop for the rest of my life, it would be Curves. It can do so much! Not only can it lighten up your images, but it can make your colors and contrast pop by making an S curve. To do that, just add a second point in the curves window, and drag it down a bit. This is pictured here.

El blog de La Bicicleta Vermella: Tutorial | Cómo hacerles fotos en el baño sin desesperar

Cómo hacerles fotos en el baño sin desesperar.. Un sencillo videotutorial de cómo hacer fotos a nuestros peques mientras los bañamos, para ...

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Awesome tutorial on making your photos soft & vintage looking. How to add a "Soft Light" to your photos using Photoshop & the shortcut to easily "Mass Editing" photos with the same effect.

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Not that I will ever remember this trick or be able to find it, but I feel the need to pin it!

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