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    "perfect pear" (wokka wokka wokka!)

    what is it with rings on heels?

    pick me! pick me!

    i'm knot so sure about this photo

    delicious, delicious wedding rings

    this seems precarious, at best

    like sands through the hourglass ... so is the end our our singlehood

    being married totally rocks

    i love you SEW much (har har har)

    nothing accents diamonds quite like dead berries

    i hope someone packed a metal detector—juuuuust in case

    left: creepy/weird. right: just plain weird.

    halloween costume for your wedding rings

    well *someone* is just begging to get electrocuted

    diamonds don't grow on trees. they grow in houseplants.

    is this a box of glitter?

    **scratching head**

    double huh?


    waste of a perfectly good tootsie roll pop

    no comment. (unless they're both golfers?)

    rings on barbed wire? ouch!

    "orange you glad we were photographed on fruit?"

    "hey! we go on fingers! not toes!"