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Om.... I this tattoo

Om. my tattoo

OM ear tattoo

I love the Maori tattoos on a spinning wheel made in New Zealand from local wood.

How the Maori tattoos can look like. alexmason30

Maori tattoos, guilty of art

Breast Cancer survivor~ tattoos-yes-i-see-it-as-art

a diptych of a fierce, young, black, female. left side: a close up of this persons face, smiling, with a dyed mohawkm & monroe piercing. right side: a photo of this person's outfit: a short sleeved black, white & grey plaid shirt, with 3/4 length loose fitting blue jeans, and green half-laced 10 hole doc marten boots. tattoos on their arms, wrists, & legs are peeking out from underneath their clothes.

I have always loved poppies, and decided i needed it. I got it last january at rebirth tattoo in anchorage alaska, my home. by coral an artist there. Didnt realize that spot was such a sensitive spot.. worst pain ever, i swore off tattoos after that..but thinking about my next now hahaa. Thank god for my best friend who held my hand the whole hour and a half wouldnt of made it without her.

Well, here it is. My finished Batman sleeve. The artwork is from Jim Lees penciling in the Hush Series. The tattoo artist is Kris Barnas @ Wildcat Ink in Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland. The sleeve won Best Sleeve Tattoo at the Dublin International Tattoo Convention 2012 just this past weekend. Ive been a huge Batman fan all my life, now I am beyond pleased I have this!

Mic Check by Jeremy Miller New School Color Tattoo Vintage Microphone Art Print. Jeremy Miller resides in Austin, Texas where he works as a full time tattoo artist at his studio while working on a masters degree. Jeremy is constantly striving to improve his work and takes steps daily to produce the best tattoos possible. A true artist, tattooing is not about money to Jeremy. Jeremy's priority is creating something amazing and is the force that drives his creativity.

One of the Best Tattoo Artist in Madrid - Robert Hernandezs Vitamin Tattoo


I dont feel comfy in those clothes anymore because I have been living as Lisbeth for 14 months. Rooney Mara about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2011)

I love everything about this picture. The tattoo,her clothes,her.

Girl with the dragon tattoo clothes

fashion clothes tattoo

Tattoo my name so I know its real #flame ~ FASHION LOVES ALL MINDS EGOS

Zippo Ebony Tattoo flame Lighter $17.95

Everyone loves TOMS...especially when theyre hand-painted with tattoo designs.

i have almost this identical tattoo on my rib cage. not same but similar. love tattoos

Big fan of rib cage tattoos - got one 2 months ago and Im loving it!

My new tattoo !!!!! :-)

Jeff's new tattoo

New tattoo anyone