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    • Melanie G

      Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, water, vegetable broth or chicken/beef bouillon, depending on how you like to use your herbs - throw in pan when needed-- This particular method of freezing herbs has been around for a long time and works very well!

    • Kim Smith

      Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil or water in an ice cube tray, toss in pan when needed. No need to ever waste fresh herbs again!

    • Kate Donnelly

      This is a great idea!! Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil, toss in pan when needed. No need to ever waste fresh herbs again! Maybe try coconut oil!!

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    Onion Flowers -- so easy -- These flowers are made by simply slicing an onion into eighths, without cutting all the way through the onion so that it stays intact on the bottom, but the ‘petals’ fall down when baking to create a beautiful flower shape.

    I filled an ice tray with straight lemon juice and set it in the freezer. Now, each morning I just heat up a little water, toss a cube in, and sip my lemon water!

    Stop keeping your lemons on your counter top, in the pantry, or in a bag in your fridge. There is a better way! Cover with water and place in fridge. It seals the peels and keeps them fresh.

    Run a power strip through the back of a nightstand so you can charge your gadgets out of sight.

    Cool idea!! Put silicone muffin liners in your cup holders. Crumbs and stickiness will become a thing of the past (at least as far as your cup holders are concerned)


    gluten free bread crumbs using gluten free rice krispies... genius! I'm thinking my gf chex would be even more tasty though....

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    One of the best softening, detoxifying foot soaks ever! Fill a large bowl with warm water and add 1 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 cup Epsom salt. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, rinse and lightly scrub with pumice stone. Then say hello to gorgeous feet :)

    Silicone Steam Pod A new, easy way to steam, blanch, boil—and drain!

    This website is seriously the COOLEST site for homeowners! Just type in what you want to do/fix around your home and the website tells you how to do it!

    Hmmmm.....I shall have to try to see if it is true....(aw)

    A simple trick for helping children (or even adults) sleep better when fighting congestion from a head cold. 1 Tablespoon vapor rub + 1 Tablespoon water. {}

    Homemade Garbage Disposal Tablets. Awesome!

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    Such a cute idea!

    Put a dollar in a jar for every time you work out

    Parenting tip. Too many parents just throw electronics, game consoles, internet and tv at their kids to keep them busy and out of their hair. Sad. I know some who if not for electronics they would spend that time scolding and yelling at them. So much for any type of quality time...make chores fun...turn up the music and dance laugh when doing chores and make the necessary changes.

    Mason jar air freshener - fill a small mason jar about 1/4 full with baking soda, and add 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oil. Punch holes in the lid, and place in any spot that could use some freshening. Every once in a while, give the jar a gentle shake to boost it's air freshening power.

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    Freeze Your Herbs in Olive Oil to Keep them Year Round

    Make a boxed cake mix taste like a bakery.

    Bacon tip...

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