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    Tangled lightning and clouds | sky | thunder | light show | lightening | stormy weather | storm | darkness | mother nature |

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    Tornado, lightning and fire. Lightening Volcano / - -Bookmark Your Local 14 day Weather FREE > No Ads or Apps or Hidden Costs

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    Black magic, tornado, storm, cloud, trees, lightening, lyn, dark, wild, beautiful, amazing, stunning, photo b/w.

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    Lightning Storms Tornadoes: Fire Starter.

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    MotherNature is beautiful.

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    To see that would be just jaw dropping #tornado #lightning #weather #beautiful #light #dark #grey #miserablebliss

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.Tornado touching down in the ocean / - - Your Local 14 day Weather FREE > www.weathertrends... No Ads or Apps or Hidden Costs

Oil--Trish Madison--I believe it was taken in Kuwait. When SadamHussain realized he couldn't have Kuwait he set fires to over 600 Kuwaiti oil wells. It took over 7 months to put out the fires and was one of the largest environmental tragedies according to TIME

Volcanic eruption / Puyehue Chile (The heat and friction of the gas/ash cloud often produces violent lightning)

The Campo Colorado tornado was thought to be the most photogenic tornado of 2012

I hate that this is a real place, but what a surreal and fantastical setting for a shoot this would be.

Not photoshopped! taken by Eric Nguyen in Kansas. perfectly spectacular photo!!! !!!INCREDIBLE!!!

I love this picture so much.. it shows the amazing structure of a supercell. This must have been an incredible moment for those storm chasers!

Real - Combining Forces picture by Vern Lee (There are several others to back this up!) in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Kilauea volcano lava flow spitting into the air and ocean by slworking2 on Flickr. Such fury...