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What is recipe for a healthy breakfast smoothie I can make at college? - Teen Perspective: Nutrition and Healthy Eating

AM Energy Smoothie: This super easy smoothie is full of antioxidants, fiber, phytochemicals, and protein. Nutrition Information: 225 calories 33 g carbohydrates 13 g protein 5 g fat

Delicioso batido de banano y fresa

Delicioso batido de banano y fresa

Discover how to create easy and healthy strawberry banana smoothie recipes. Tips on which ingredients will create healthy smoothie recipes - and which ones to avoid.

Orange Mango Sunshine Smoothie Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe

Orange Mango Sunshine Smoothie: 2 whole oranges, peeled 1 handful frozen mango chunks 1 small container vanilla bean yogurt (about 6 oz) frozen banana 1 Tbs water (more if necessary)

Sumo Anti-Celulite - http://www.receitassimples.pt/sumo-anti-celulite/

Cucumber-Honeydew Smoothie Recipe - This is the ultimate summer drink! Its light and refreshing, and a perfect end to a hot day!

Green Smoothies to Lose Weight - Kale Banana - Click Pic for 42 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

12 Healthy and Scrumptious Smoothies

Healthy Smoothies Recipes: Green Smoothies to Lose Weight - Kale Banana - Click Pic for 42 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Golden Nectar Smoothie: This energizing drink can be served at breakfast, or over ice as a pick-me-up at any other time of day.

Golden Nectar Smoothie

Golden Nectar Smoothie - Martha Stewart Recipes- Ingredients 2 cups freshly squeezed orange juice (about 6 oranges) cup plus 1 tablespoon raw honey 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice 2 teaspoons finely grated fresh ginger 2 ripe bananas

Iron Boosting Smoothie | Raw Edibles

Banana Bread Green Smoothie Smoothie Recipe for the Fitness Junkies. A variation on the Green Monster, yes?

pineapple, mango, spinach, banana green smoothie

Pineapple Mango Green Smoothie

Love my morning green smoothies Pineapple Mango Green Smoothie 1 cup almond milk (or milk of your choice) banana, frozen 1 cup chopped mango cup chopped fresh pineapple 2 cups fresh spinach cup of ice

Kiwi Delight Smoothie to jump start weight loss. Plus other easy and healthy recipes

VERY GOOD RECIPES! 15 Ways to Lose Weight Drinking Raw Green Smoothies. Great list, but want to add kelp powder to these recipes for healthy thyroid function and metabolism.

Smoothie Recipe - cameralinz - fruit chunks

Breakfast Smoothie

Smoothie Recipe - get your fruit in at breakfast and feel the energy throughout the day! Not so much Joy Day but more morning smoothie!

Proteinsmoothie med banan och bär | Recept.nu

Proteinsmoothie med banan och bär

Ozs Berry Strong Spinach Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup frozen spinach 1 cup frozen blueberries cup frozen raspberries 1 cup orange juice Directions Combine all ingredients in a blender with ice and blend until smooth.

I have tried this and it's DELISH!  Use 1/2 apple instead of apple juice and a tiny bit of water.

Kale-Apple Smoothie

Ingredients Kale Apple smoothie cup chopped kale, ribs and thick stems removed 1 small stalk celery, chopped banana cup apple juice cup ice 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Banana Coco-Chai Power Smoothie by flavourfiesta : With chia seeds and ginger too!

Banana Coco-Chia Power Smoothie by flavourfiesta : With chia seeds and ginger too!

This simple smoothie recipe tastes great and is so easy. My 8-year-old daughter did this for a demonstration speech, and it was a big hit with her classmates. It is a filling snack for adults and kids." — Kory H.

Strawberry-Pineapple Smoothie Recipe (I use frozen strawberries, pomegranate greek yogurt, pineapple chunks, no ice)

Dr. Oz's Vitamin Cocktail

Vitamin Cocktail Smoothie Ingredients Makes 1 serving 1 cup papaya cup kale cup spinach banana green apple Directions Put all ingredients into blender.