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scientificillustration: n508_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr. Field book of insects, New York,G.P. Putnam’s sons,1918. and: Vineet Kaur, tumblr

Here is a Homesteading book all about healthy, productive, organic, and in other words... Natural beekeeping; from non-toxic ways to control pests to breeding strategies.

A swarm of bees in May Is worth a load of hay; A swarm of bees in June Is worth a silver spoon; A swarm of bees in July Is not worth a fly. -- old nursery rhyme

Always tell the bees >>> This is crazy. Have you heard of this before?

Ants and Bees, Illustrations by C. & A. Koehler, 1962- Bees

Where would we be without the honey bees? The lives of bees and humans are intricately linked. More than 100 types of crops in the US are pollinated by bees, from almonds to zucchini. Bees are vital to the reproduction of clover & alfalfa, which feed grazing animals, and to the diverse ecosystems that sustain wildlife. wholefoodsmarket....

Escape to a cabin and dream. Cuddle. Play. Read. Eat. Hike. Run. Bake. Ride. Sleep. Drink. Create. Listen. Watch. Think.

Straw skep diy www.colonialsense... -- Bee Hives St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life, Cardiff. Straw bee hives in the garden.

“The days aren't discarded or collected, they are bees that burned with sweetness or maddened the sting: the struggle continues, the journeys go and come between honey and pain." Pablo Neruda

On website Lauren replied: "...Your information is very accurate, except that unfertilized eggs develop into drones without any additional fertilization. This means that male bees (drones) have half the number of chromosomes that female bees (queens and workers) do, which leads to lots of interesting behaviors."

Shallow frames let the tantalizing colors of honey gleam in the light as they are uncovered by an uncapping knife.