I miss hanging laundry out

laundry day


.....clothes hanging on clothes line. very fresh and relaxing!!

hanging on the line

Laundry Day

laundry room sink.

What a beautiful laundry room!


Great use of space, counter top over washer & dryer for folding clothes, cupboards for laundry soap, rod for hanging clothes & well lit space. It's so much easier to do laundry when the space is organized!

dining room

I want to figure out how to do this outdoors, to hang towels by the pool instead of hanging them all over the deck rail and fence!! "DIY laundry drying rack" #laundry Laundry Room Decor and Organizing Tips

laundry laundry-room

I love hanging my laundry out on the line!

We had to hang our clothes out on the clothesline in the winter when I was growing up....we had no other dryer.

Laundry day...

Happy rug in laundry room..

vintage whites hanging out to dry