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Mail a Tale - Monthly Childrens Book Box

Mail a Tale - Monthly Children's Book Box If I had kids this sounds like an amazing idea.

Don't let their childhood go by without knowing these great characters and places.  These are the books that have deeply impacted us as children and adults; these are the books that made us fall madly in love with reading.  These are the books that every home should own.

The Top Books Every Home Should Have

List of The Top Books Every Home Should Have. (Kid Picture books, YA, adult fiction, adult non-fiction, classics).

Summer Activities for Kids

Kids Party Ideas

Cork Stamp How-To . embellish gift wrap, bags, tags and envelopes with simple diy Wine Cork Stamps

Super Why! is a Popular TV Show That Focuses on Building Reading Skills: Whyatt Beanstalk

How Super Why! Focuses on Building Reading Skills

11 books anyone who loves to write should read

11 Books All Aspiring Writers Should Read, Because Spending Time With These Titles is Like a Mini-Workshop

11 books for Aspiring Writers.and readers.and readers who love to write.or writers who love to read.or just plain ol' book lovers

By Mychaelyn Michalec (Photo: www.gingersnapcrafts.com ) Wrangling the kiddos to help around the house shouldn’t be a chore for both you and them. Whether you decide to motivate the kids with cash or not for a job well done, is adebate for another forum. But using a chore chart can at least keep them on task without having to nag. We’ve rounded up the best ideas to get the kids excited about helping out.

A Chore Chart Your Kids Will Stick to. Yes, Really!

As soon as the kiddos get home from school, they grab their jar and get to work on their chores. "Chores” can also include things like eating a snack, homework, reading, etc. as well as the usual chores.

These books are worth reading when you need an escape.

11 Magical Books to Read This Spring

11 Magical Realism Books to Escape with This Fall - These books are worth reading when you need an escape.

Good thoughts about how little kids can help around the house. Every family member needs to be helpful!

10 Chore Ideas for Toddlers

Money Saving Mom 10 Chore Ideas for Toddlers - get them used to doing things at a young age!

Whittlebee! The easiest and one of the cheapest ways to by little kids' clothing! {Giveaway too!}

The easiest and one of the cheapest ways to by little kids' clothing! Need to trythis

Busy binder for church or restaurants. Includes all sorts of ideas.

quiet book/activity binder perfect to keep the kids from making your rip your hair out

Busy binders for kids.keeps them occupied in church, doctors office, long car trips,ect. - (good idea for older kids too!) Love the I spy bag.

Genius! Use a ladder (attach to wall at top for safety) as a wardrobe in a closet-less kids room.

Good Idea: Ladder Becomes Wardrobe for Baby

Give clothes a leg up Give an old ladder life again by using it for a kid’s closet. The rungs of a recycled ladder can be the perfect size for a child’s clothing rack.

I am so excited for our kids to have date night with their Dad . This will be such a great bonding time for them. I am blessed to have the o...

Super decorative little box with date night ideas for a dad & kid. Could be done with lots of different things.

The Best 100 opening lines  Some of them I've never heard of, but some are true classics! A nice list!

Celebrity special: opening lines from books