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  • Marilyn Anderson

    Find a map, find some cork, frame it but remove the glass. Stick map pins where you've been.

  • Katie Griest

    Love this idea to mark all the places we have visited together...maybe we could get a world map instead!

  • Liz Rupp

    Wall map

  • Lindsey Perdue

    Travel map. Great idea. I want my map to be not only of the U.S. but the world.

  • Stephen M.

    Awesome idea: Find a vintage map of the US, place it on some cork board in an open frame, and pick up some simple pins to chronicle your travels.

  • NudéFi

    love this::: vintage map project --- She found this amazing map (from 1907!) on eBay for around ten dollars, picked up a white frame at Ikea, and then removed the glass and added some cork backing and pinned the map in place. Then she stuck more pins (actually called “map pins” from Office Depot) into all the places we’ve been together. It’s fun interactive art. Plus it encourages us to get out there and see the country so we can stick more pins into the map asap.

  • A C

    Make Cheap Wall Art That's Personalzed And Memorable With Keys, A Vintage Map And Wedding Memorabilia | Young House Love

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Have guests pin where they traveled from to come back to the reunion. Draw a heart around hometown.

Repurposing your maps. Cut in heart shapes and frame...for college students who love to travel or studied abroad, this is a great way to display those places close to their heart.

Love this pick up sticks and other neat ideas to commemorate traditions & fun times together from Sherry @ Young House Love

old window and modge podge map. Could cork behind and pin locations of traveled.

Great Geography Idea! "Where I've Been" Corkboard Map - Would love to do something like this with the whole world.

Just ordered this! Yipppeee! So excited to hang in the house and learn 5th grade States and Capitals!

california dreamin'---could be done with any map/icon eg: bahamas/sailboat

I really want to do something with an old map at my house. Something like this. I'm looking for an old classroom map. You know...the kind that social studies teachers use to have hanging on the wall. The kind where they could pull down 3-4 different maps. I'm sure some of my teacher friends might even have these sitting in a school closet collecting dust. I want one!