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Fall nails !


Pretty nails

Pretty nails

Love this color

black, white & silver nail art.

Stamping Nails

black tipped magenta glitter nails

Nail Art: Galaxy Nails

Water Marble. First paint your nails a base color like white. Then get a bowl of LUKEWARM water. Put a drop of each color you plan to use in the water. Use a toothpick to draw a design on the water. Place your nail on the design and pull back slowly. For a different design on each nail, repeat the above steps for each nail. For less mess tape the sides of your nails. For the glitter affect seen here, just use a polish with some glitter in it. A full glitter polish WILL NOT work.

black and gold nails

Glitter Contrast Nail.

So pretty for Christmas!

Glitter explosion nails


Pretty, but maybe in a coral instead. ;)

so pretty!