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Get ready to have your picture-hanging life changed forever. If you're just using regular ol' nails, stop it. Get these. Trust.

The easiest way to hang a picture! Why didn't I think of this? #tips

BRILLIANT! The free way to remove all aggravation from hanging picture frames! Hang them quickly and easily from now on!

how to hang art above the sofa; arranging pictures

low hanging art // Mokkasin

Amazing FREE trick for hanging picture frames in a grid, with no more frustration. Total lifesaver!

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methods for hanging pictures on brick/concrete walls

Don't-hang-a-mirror-or-anything-without-this-free and easy to make picture-hanging-gadget--WE HAVE THIS FOR HEAVY ITEMS, WORKS GREAT

Life Hack: How to Hang Perfectly Level Decor on Walls. This would have saved me SO much time and frustration if I would have known about this trick before now!

ideas when hanging pictures - and I am going to keep this nearby for the next few months while figuring out how to add pictures to yards of bare walls in dining room, fireplace room and hall. Thanks, Marie!

The family tree I had painted on my wall. Just finished hanging the pictures

Great idea for hanging art around a room - line up the tops of the various sized frames.

hmm..some wire, tissue paper/sheer fabric...still thinking about this one. --diy: pantyhose!

Botanicals central.

Light switch cover upgrade

photo wall

help hanging pictures up and down stairs always start in middle and go out!

Put stick-on decals on a picture frame and remove the back of the frame.

branch hooks and hanger