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Pink Pentas Flower (Pentas lanceolata)

Is drought a problem for you. Once they are established here is a list of 10 drought tolerant shrubs.

Pentas lanceolata

Pink Banana Flowers...

Dainty Little Penta Flowers


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Sansevieria (In my current garden) ... [Full/partial sun, USDA 9 to 15, AHS 12 to 1, Moderate moisture, Drought tolerant]



slipper flower varieties

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Black-eyed Susan. The sunny-yellow, easy disposition of this drought-tolerant perennial(Rudbeckia sp.) makes it a good choice for a dry, low-maintenance garden bed. After a few waterings to get the plants established, they'll be there for many summers to come. Hardy in USDA Zones 3 to 10.

Clematis Miss Bateman ... [Full sun/partial shade, USDA 4 to 10, AHS 9 to 1, Medium moisture, Drought tolerant]

Zebrina Hollyhock ... [Full/partial sun, USDA 4 to 8, AHS 8 to 1, Moderate moisture, Drought tolerant]

Echeveria longissima ... [Full/partial sun, USDA 9 to 12, AHS 12 to 1, Dry, Drought tolerant]


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