D&D; alignment chart for Big Bang Theory

This is literally the most romantic thing ever. Every romance novel and movie character pales in comparison

This is why i watch big bang theory .

<3 Big Bang

Big Bang Theory


Big Bang :) -- one of my favorite episodes, especially when the girls talk about female empowerment and women in math/science fields while dressed up as Disney princesses.

Jim and Mayim :) whoa!

Big Bang!


Soft Sheldon, warm Sheldon...

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Big Bang Theory That's my girl


rock paper scissors lizard spock

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is... The Most Interesting Man in the World

Unforgettable Big Bang Theory Memes - Socialphy

My favorite TBBT line ever.

Same apartment? No but it's two physicists that can only afford one just bigger. But then again they clearly have a spending problem with all the comics and take away...

I love anything referencing Sheldon Cooper!