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Dr Dogs Ear Oil (not just for dogs!) Natural treatment for ear infections in dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds, pigs, prize winning rabbits and more. Fast, safe, soothing relief for ear ache pain. Natural antibiotic fights ear symptoms without chemicals or pesticides. Inexpensive to use, effective for controlling sore red ears.

2 lbs ground turkey 2 eggs 3 C cooked rice 8 oz. peas 3 carrots, diced 1 apple, diced Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In mixing bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well by hand.

Cocker Spaniel Ear Cleaner Recipe - Ear Infections

We’ve written about coconut oil for people numerous times now. The benefits are all pretty obvious for us. But did you know that of course small amounts of coconut oil for your pets can have a profoundly positive impact on their health too? Let’s dig into it. 1. Coconut oil can help prevent cancer in …

7 Stunning Super-Herbs to Grow for Pets (with Infographic)

Raising a good dog doesn't come naturally; here are some dog training mistakes most dog owners make that can compromise both parties.

Your pet's skin is just as sensitive as yours. These tips will help keep your pet's skin safe all summer. For more pet tips, click here-

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DIY Pet-Safe Lemongrass Deodorizer Spray Recipe for an Odor-Free Home

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