Perennial Cottage Garden

Create a garden that's big on color -- but small on labor.

So pretty.

bird houses with clematis

Cottage beauty...

Butterfly plants. - this guy's blog is great - I might buy his book!

perennial border

20 plants to brighten your shade garden. Annuals, perennials and herbs for shady places.

We asked our go-to garden experts for their favorite hardy and inexpensive annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.

Grasses, sedum and coreopsis - fabulous combo

Beautiful peonies, irises, salvia, lamb’s ears, phlox, and dianthus


cottage garden



A Gardener's Checklist for Early Spring -- it's about that time! Advice on winter cleanup, spring pruning, sowing seeds, planting late-season bulbs, creating containers, dividing perennials, planting trees, and planning a vegetable garden.


viola, iris, erigeron, lobelia, foxglove

Summer perennial border with Catnip, ornamental onion flowers (Allium), white and purple sage (Salvia), Filoli garden