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Michael Vick Chew Toy! AWESOME

Michael Vick Chew Toy - It's despicable the Philadelphia Eagles hired dog abuser Michael Vick as a quarterback. I'm getting this Michael Vick chew dog for our golden doodle, Farkas. Farkas, bite off Vick's head. That's a good boy!

Shaming your animal into good behavior, via the West Coast German Shepherd Schutzhund Club. This is amazing. That dog don’t even care.

Doggies just love those litter box treats! "Zero days since I ate the cat litter" :-(

Dog Lips. i want this for my dog :D: Funny Dogs, Furbabies, Dog Toys, Fur Babies, Lips Toy, So Funny, Animal

Dog Lips Toy, haha this is so funny but Daisy would chew them to nothing in no time.

ha ha ha Funny canine

Start Your Day With a Smile

this dog looks so happy (or suffering from brain freeze? it makes me smile :) >he fuckin looks like snoop dog.

A Pitt Bull's Dream....

I agree with this dog quote. Don't judge a dog by the breed. Cause it might be the friendliest and loyalists dog ever. And don't judge me or any human. Cause they might be the friendliest and loyalists human ever as well.

Don't bully my breed

Don't bully this breed they may be big but have big hearts.I had one who was so sweet I still a have one know. Pit bulls are sweet dogs and have saved many people,animals,pets,and even babies so don't bully the pit bulls.

Dont shop. Adopt. There is just no excuse for shopping or breeding. Shelter animals need your help! Absolutely ... dogs - or any animal - are not playthings or accessories. They are living breath?

Adopt, change a life. I love animals and it kills me to see animals in shelters and know that I can not adopt them all and take them all home with me.

Animal Intelligence: Is Your Dog Or Cat Smarter Than You?

Animal Intelligence: Is Your Dog Or Cat Smarter Than You?

3) Justice wasn't served. Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.

The adorable, sweet and loyal American Pit Bull Terrier. It's a shame these wonderful dogs have garnered such a terrible reputation because of the handful of ignorant people who own them. Pits are ADORABLE screw anyone who doesnt like them