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Peter Cushing as a kindly old antiques dealer: this Amicus anthology also features strong performances from Donald Pleasance and his daughter and England's most entertaining slattern, Diana Dors.

Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors and a horde of evil children. "Nothing but the Night" delivers surprisingly effective suspenseful fun.

Two cinematic takes on Lovecraft. "Die Monster Die" gives us Boris Karloff in a loose adaptation of "Colour out of Space." "The Dunwich Horror," based on the story of the same name, features Dean Stockwell and teen queen Sandra Dee. Both are entertaining eldritch abominations.

Smile when you call me "Mr. Sardonicus" -- and don't forget to vote on whether or not I should live or die, thanks to one of William Castle's more entertaining gimmicks.

Vincent Price does H.P. Lovecraft's "Case of Charles Dexter Ward" in "Haunted Palace" and Shakespeare's Richard III in "Tower of London." Both adaptations are, as one might expect from Roger Corman, very, very, VERY loose. But as one might also expect from Corman, they're enormously entertaining.

"The Torture Garden" is pure cheese, and Burgess Meredith knows that nothing goes with cheese like ham. A glorious Amicus anthology film, with Jack Palance, Peter Cushing and others doing Robert Bloch's screenplay justice.

"The Creeping Flesh" features Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and undead evil from Papua New Guinea. Complete with grave robbers too.

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