Pictogram music posters / Viktor Hertz

Smile Retro Camera Poster


This would be a pretty adorable way to tell someone (or remind them) that you love them. :: Get In Here Red Print by Christopher David Ryan

the simpsons - coolest minimal poster!

GS Lillian loves capturing inspiring images in color #GSL #GSLillian #color #red #heart #piano www.gslillian.com

ReCraft Your Poster: Think by Thomas Braestrup For a craft room! To “think outside the box” is to look further and try to not think of the obvious things, but to think beyond them. Normally, this advice belongs to creative people. However, this poster is an attempt to make everyone think this way.

Very representative of the film. Playful and colourful and attracts the correct audience. Such a simple poster, but says it all.

Great Type Posters..must make into some framed pics to spread the music thru the house

Hand Lettered Poster Quote William James | Design Different


Stay | betype

Minimal Movie Posters

"Eight days a week" a song by The Beatles

Colour psychology in logo design via La Cita (all blog info in French, but Infographic is in English.)

Graphic Design & Illustration by Christopher DeLorenzo | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration


minimalist posters for WWF

San Francisco "Clean Sweep" poster

graphic in graphic