Be with a man ... Who promises to give you laugh lines when you're old. Who tells you he's proud of you on a daily basis. Who puts your happiness on the same level as his. Who uses positive superlatives when describing your relationship.

A real man chooses to honor, love, respect, adore and be faithful to one woman. When we started dating I made him promise me 3 things...1. Be Honest 2. Don't Lie 3. Don't Cheat. He couldn't keep one.

Do not let your relationship turn into one person only being dominant/submissive-share each role, it will turn into an unhealthy relationship otherwise. Use "I see it differently" in difficult relationships.

The key is to just keep hanging on.... and hanging on.... and hanging on. Love is not for the weak, that if for sure.

Every girl should be so lucky to find a partner that meets all of these. I am thankful every day that I found such a man. Never change who you are or let go of your own thoughts and beliefs to make someone love you. Losing who you are is just sad. This!

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