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(shibori) a wingful by tinctory, EVA via flicker

origami Google Image Result for http://www.pleatfarm.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/tinctory_3-e1264337014453.jpg

liber herbarum, pleated fabric brooch series referencing old herbals & illustrations ~ tinctory

Naturally dyed collections by Tinctory ~ more of these hand-dyed smocked pendants. Brilliant interpretation of an old handart into wearable art.

Necklace evolution: naturally dyed textiles, beads. The third photo shows a honeycomb stitch in the top half, cable stitch below. | Artist: Tinctory (Eva Fulinova), The Midlands, UK | http://tinctory.blogspot.com/ | tinctory on Flickr

Great Example of drawing on nature to make your own beautiful thing in completely different materials! tinctory makes smocking magical

wip by tinctory, via Flickr

smocking with a modern twist...

Dyeing and Smocking Cool combination Love this stuff

Custom poetry necklace: naturallydyed textiles | Artist: Tinctory (Eva Fulinova), The Midlands, UK | http://tinctory.blogspot.com/ | tinctory on Flickr

Eva from Tinctory Hand dyed smocking http://www.etsy.com/shop/tinctory/sold?ref=shopinfo_sales_leftnav

'RARA AVIS' Pendants (Latin for 'rare bird', a rare person or thing; a rarity) ((woah! the colors in these are amazing!!)

shells by tinctory, via Flickr dyed with tannin + iron (tea and rust)

Fabric Jewellery: re-purposed silk, tinted with plant dye and textured by pleating & smocking - textiles jewellery using fabric manipulation techniques

Fabric Manipulation for jewellery design - hand-folded, pleated & intricately smocked fabric necklaces - creative textiles applications

tinctory: Time to Speak and Blossom

Google Image Result for http://www.lushlee.com/images/accessories/08/12/textured-necklace.jpg

to be continued by tinctory, via Flickr

I am in love with the idea of using smocking as a jewelry idea. My Auntie Barbara was an expert at smocking she would have loved this!

#smocking by tinctory, via Flickr

necklace by tinctory. I can't imagine what this is made out of. Like it quite a bit.