Color pallet outdoor wall decor. Turn wood pallets into planters. Paint, line with burlap or landscape fabric, then fill with potting soil and plants. Great recycling idea!

Wall garden art.

another wall garden.

pallet wall garden


pallet potting bench

Wall garden

Outdoor Wall Art Add color to your outdoor decorating with a fence covered with suspended flowerpots. Its wall art for your outdoor room. Start with nine terra-cotta pots and coat the bases with spray paint. Next, plot the grid arrangement and secure pot hangers to the fence. Finish by suspending pots from hangers and filling each container with brightly colored annuals or herbs.

Pallet path

cute potting idea

Outdoor wall decor

DIY Pallet Garden-- Make a Green Wall using only a pallet and Landscape Fabric via @Amber :) #cbias #outdoorDIY

pallet wall

Wall Vase DIY

Wall Gardening With mesh and wiring. Wall gardens are a perfect solution for minimal space like patios and tiny backyards. The living walls offers salad fixings along with creative, eye-catching conversations pieces. It is also a great idea for elderly gardeners or those with physical limitations where bending over and kneeling is virtually impossible. This system puts little to no stress on the back and knees and is simple enough for children to water and mist.

Got Pallets? Hate weeding? Dont feel like turning up a bunch of grass? Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing!

Made from pallets. Accent wall. Cool

Beautiful pallet garden

We featured an earlier turn-a-pallet-into-a-garden project here. But still, this is another good how-to. Check out both and compare and contrast! One thing I’m wondering is why nobody seems to decorate their pallet — painting it, or covering it with Unconsumption logos, let’s say. Anyway, here’s the how-to: diy project: recycled pallet vertical garden | Design*Sponge

Opot holds a plant on an indoor or outdoor wall, giving new and easy ways to decorate that bare space or fence you have in the backyard.

Turn a shipping pallet into a vertical garden! We love the way Grace of A Storied Style created a focal point using repurposed materials!