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    "What choice did I have? The mighty Sheldor, level 85 blood elf, hero of the Eastern kingdoms has been picked clean, like a carcass in the desert sun. Plus, the FBI hung up on me."

    • Lacy Koncor

      I laugh because Leonard is right, people shouldn't call the cops for that. But I understand Sheldon's concern, it's his WoW account!

    • Ashley Kaminsky

      HAHAHAHA!!!@thebig_bangtheory (The Big Bang Theory) 's Instagram photos | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer

    • Miriam Mendez

      The Big Bang Theory | Leonard Hofstadter: You called the police because someone hacked your World of Warcraft account? Sheldon Cooper: What choice did I have?

    • Makayla

      the big bang theory funny quotes | funny big bang theory caption photo screencap sheldon called police ...

    • Chris Collins

      World Of Warcraft account hacked . . . LOL! I love The Big Bang Theory!

    • I So Pin A lot

      big bang theory quotes 09 #quotes #bestquotes

    • Erica Mathis Parrott

      the big bang theory! - all time favorite show

    • Mekayla Curran

      the big bang theory funny quotes

    • La ra 0.


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