Lion Topiary Animal topiary art-piece collection would be incomplete without the king of the jungle. This topiary shaped in the form of a lion is worth watching.

Elephant Bush Sculptures. This is so cool wonder if I can get Lowell to make me some hehehe

These are the most beautiful animals in the world and putting them in the garden is the awesomest thing to do I love elephants. If you have time and money go for it is all i say Garden Animals is such a good Idea. What one do you like the best from the 4

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, in Bilbao, Spain, has a 43 feet tall West Highland White Terrier guarding the entrance. Jeff Koons’ monumental topiary “Puppy” has an internal irrigation system used to keep its flowery fur as fresh as daisies.      - photos by  Bethany J Mitchell, TravelPod/Btran, and Purple Cloud

Leaf Beyond Belief: 11 Tree-mendous Examples Of Topiary Art

Leaf Beyond Belief: 11 Tree-mendous Examples Of Topiary Art - WebEcoist

De magnifiques sculptures végétales à voir !

Here are 10 amazing sculptures made only of grass! Quite intricately sculpted, must see sculptures! Includes sculptures from elephants to giraffes to even unicorns! Cool and creative Formula

Topiary Animals, Topiary frames for live plants custom built., Ten foot tall topiary giraffe, Home Decor Project

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