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logo idea^^

Shows movement and depth but is very simple. Shapes and color create a unique structure. Looks like buildings or a stack of books.

custom typography... Ah how I love Adobe Illustrator, one of my oldest friends.

Hand Lettering by seanwes

Another favorite logo. Love the ideas and how creative the design is. Using silverware to create an ad for a restaurant is so boring but by making the silverware into goose feet is awesome. I also think the typography is neat because it is a silly and fun font just like the name

Alright, this is a cool logo. It's a restaurant, so there's a fork and knife. And it's called "the Silly Goose", and the fork and knife look like goose legs

Pencil v2 by Reghardt

Smart way of fusing an icon with the type inside a the "i" and "l" form the top half of a pencil. yet effective - designed by Reghardt Grobbelaar. ONE small triangle, reinforces the idea of the 'pencil' by making to 'L' and 'I' look like a pencil



Designer: Nick Tibbetts.

Arrangement and thoughts behind this are really clever. Use of colour cross over works really well and is something i would really like to try in my own work. I have a logo designed that incorporates this idea.

Al Sole Hotel / Davide Mottes and Jacopo Marcolini

Al Sole Hotel Wayfinding System

Al Sole Hotel wayfinding system / icon grid made of circles