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"Farmer's Cheese" is an un-aged, fresh cheese that's easy to make and fun to spice up! If you’re a newbie cheese maker, this is a great recipe for getting your feet wet and has lots of room for creativity! #food #fermentedfood #cheese #farmcheese #diy #howto #homemade

from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Homemade Apple Butter

Make your own apple butter and can it too! (Shortcut blender version.) #Applebutter

from Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

How To Wax Cheese

Cheese Wax is a specialty wax used for preserving cheese. Unlike 100% paraffin based wax it remain soft and pliable even when set and can easily be peeled away from the cheese without the wax cracking or crumbling in brittle pieces. It is coloured with food grade colouring and commonly comes in Red, Yellow and Black. The colour doesn’t matter but a lot of people prefer the yellow as it obviously has less colouring in it. Waxing cuts down on mold and putrefying bacteria’s access to cheese while i