Not just for 1st year teachers….great checklists for organization

Kindergarten 1st Year Teacher Tips

beginning of the year procedures checklist

Classroom Procedure Checklist for the Start of the Year - FREE - The great Rachel Lynette was kind enough to share this checklist for the beginning of the year. This is incredible!

Clip Save Checklist: Get Ready for the First Day of School! || Perfect for 1st year Teachers!

Love this! End of the year, IDEA

Poem for the end of the year!

One of my teachers is getting this on a mug at the end of the year... haha

Begin the year with "Who is My Teacher?"

Teacher Organization & Checklist Tools for Planning & Organizing

will try this again this year

organized teacher desk ideas | Kate's Classroom Cafe: Getting Organized This Year! Desktop Checklist ...

Beginning of the school year checklist..make sure all your class procedures are in place before you begin!

1st year teacher book- it's FREE!


FREE Classroom Procedure Checklist for the Start of the Year

poem for beginning of year

Get organized for the new school year! Huge pack of school forms and checklists. Everything you need to get you started off on the right foot! $

The First-Year Teacher's Checklist: A Quick Reference for Classroom Success (might need this in the future)

Use this ready-made skills assessment to determine what your kindergarten students know at the beginning of the year! Save the completed assessments to determine student growth at the end of the year.This assessment evaluates:1. letter recognition (capital and lowercase)2.

Beginning of the year gift